History of the School

         Rattanakosinsomphotbowonniwetsalaya Naiphrasangkarashupatham School is a secondary school under the Office of the basic

education commission, Ministry of education. It is located at 92 Moo 3 Salaya sub-district Phutthamonthon district Nakhonpathom
province post code 73170.It was established on March 26, 1979. Originally it had been named Bowonniwetphittaya School Later,
on August 10, 1981 the Ministry of education Changed the school name to Bowonniwetsalaya School. The School could not open
until 1982 due to a problem with the land which delayed construction.      
        Then on April, 1982 the government has designated the year of the 200th anniversary celebration of Rattanakosin and the
school is commemoratingthe bicentennial period and also changed the school name to Rattanakosinsomphotbowonniwetsalaya School.
The school opened and the students came to study with co-education secondary. At that time the Department of general education
had appointedMr. Anan Khongthaworn,the assistant director of Watbowonniwet School to become the headmaster. At the beginning,
the students had to study at Watsalawan School. Then the school received a budget for construction the extraordinary school building was
the same as Rattanakosinsomphot.There was 1 building : 4 floors,and 20 rooms. As of the first semester, there were 137 students of 4 classes
of secondary 1 and 11 teachers. The performance belonged to theDepartment of general education .(next on July 20, 1982 the Ministry
declared that the school belonged to Nakhonpathom province) In the academic year of 1983 , the school expanded classroom
to a total of a classrooms and had 335 students but they still studied at the same building.
    In the academic year of 1983 the new School building was completed and the students were moved to study at the present school
where the land belonged to Bowonniwetwiharn temple. The school area was 80 rais (31.63 acres) and 64 square yards. After the school
transfered, the amount of teachers and students were increased every year so the school had expanded the level each year until secondary 6.
At this time the school had the formal name of Rattanakosinsomphotbowonniwetsalaya Naiphrasangkarashupatham School.
The School had an official letter to inform Buddhist supreme patriach of the Buddhist priests to be a supporter then we recieved an answer on

October 22, 1991 and he accepted.Then on April 17, 1992 the Ministry of education was declared that the school belonged to extraordinary

central,Department of general education,group 9. After that the Department of general education had an instruction that the school
in group 19 had been abolished and should instead under the province in which it was located. In 2003, the school was chosen to be
One District One Labschool (dreamschool) from the Misnistry of education.In 2006 the Ministry of Education praised the school as
a High popularity School and to become the world class standard school in 2009.
    Nowadays, Mr.Pissanuphon Tang-On takes the position of director of the school. There are about 1750 students in secondary
1- secondary 6,4 administrators, 78 authority teachers, 2 authority personnels,
6 permanent employees, 13 temporary employees and 12 temporary teachers.There are the total of 116 personnel persons in the school.